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$2,000 Deposit

$2,000 Required amount to bid online in a auction!



$1,000 Deposit

Credit Card Authorization

In order to bid online, we require an authorization on a valid credit card. We will place a $1,000 or $2,000 pre-authorization on this card (depending on the choice below). This pre-authorization is not a charge but is a 30 day hold. This authorization will count against the total credit limit on your card but will only be collected against the card with an additional 3.5% if you are the winning bidder at an auction and fail to pay for your purchase or otherwise fail to meet your obligations under our rules and regulations. In such an event, we will collect against this pre-authorization and you will forfeit your deposit. By clicking the "Pay Now" button below you agree to these terms. 

To use your credit or debit card, simply click the "Pay Now" button below.

Start by clicking "Pay Now" button below.