Newaygo County Treasurer's 

​​Buyer Responsibilities 

Buyers who purchase properties at the Newaygo County Treasurer's Auction
are responsible for paying the 2018 Summer Taxes including any penalties and fees, that become due and payable after the foreclosure, without any prorating, to the Local Unit of Government where the property being purchased is located (ie: Township, City, Village) and all future taxes associated with the property being purchased.

Deeds will not be issued until proof of payment is received by the Newaygo County Treasurer.

Buyers who purchase property at the Newaygo County Treasurer's Auction will also be paying

a 10% Buyers Premium along with a $59.00 processing fee per property.

This will be added to the final bid price.


Bid Price:                  $15,000.00

10% Buyers Premium:   $1,500.00

Processing Fee:                 $59.00

Total Purchase Price:   $16,559.00

​(you will receive the Summer 2018 Tax Bill, as you check out) 
Summer 2018 taxes must be paid in full day of sale. 
You can Pay the 2018 Summer Taxes at the County Treasurer's office Day of Sale, 
the Deed will not be processed until proof that the Summer 2018 taxes are paid in full. 

All buyers will be required to sign an Affidavit due to a state statute stating that they do not directly or indirectly hold interest in any property with delinquent taxes in Newaygo County.
​If a buyer held an interest in a property at the time of foreclosure, 
they may only purchase the property back with prior approval of the County Treasurer 
and then only for the amount of the minimum bid or higher.  
This requirement includes a Second Auction purchase as well.

Photo of Lot 6288 Village of Hesperia

Thursday, August 2, 2018 @ 1:00 PM 

Auction begins promptly at 1:00 PM

Registration begins at 12:00 PM (Noon) 

For further boundary questions after viewing the GIS Map, contact the Equalization Dept. of Newaygo County or the local unit's assessors office.

Disclaimer: the accuracy of all information shown, regardless of source, is not guaranteed or warranted.  
All information should be independently verified.

to View a Property Information Packet (PIP) showing list of properties

being offered at this years sale along with complete terms and conditions.

Newaygo County Administration Building

Board Room
1087 Newell Street

White Cloud, MI 49349

Newaygo County Treasurer's

Tax Sale Real Estate Auction

Complete the form and either 
fax (888-481-5108) or email ( 
the completed form to us, we will then email your confirmation 
that you are registered for the sale, (the confirmation will include your bidder number).

When the form uploads in PDF format, you may need to click on the download tab 
(next to the print icon), on the task bar, the form will now download so that you can fill in the information.
Then click on the email or print tabs at the bottom for the form 
and it will give you the option to either print or email us the form.

Please Note:  
You still need to place the required $1,000.00 on deposit, 
but you can now go to the express check-in line to obtain your bidder packet. 

The Newaygo County Treasurer requires that all registered bidders place a Deposit of $1,000.00 in Cash or Certified funds be held during the sale; these funds will be returned to you, if you are not successful bidder, exactly as given. (Certified funds should be made payable to yourself; that way if you are not a successful bidder at the sale, you can redeposit the funds back into your account).  If you are a successful bidder, the deposited funds will be used towards your purchase. Any remaining balance owed can be paid in a personal or company check or cash.

Potential Buyers can research on the free GIS Map Viewer at 

to View the Newaygo County GIS System 

(this information is for reference only,information is not guaranteed or warranted, and should be independently verified.)  

First American Title Insurance Company
Insuring Tax Foreclosure Properties
To see a brochure from First American Title, 
click here

to View an Online Catalog which includes photos of the property, where available.

(this information is for reference only,information is not guaranteed or warranted, and should be independently verified.)

Auction Date:

Real Estate Auction 2018


County Treasurer reserves the right to change any information. Announcements made on sale day take precedence over previously printed matter. Information shown is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. Buyer should verify all information prior to bidding on properties. Note, a new window will open for all forms(pdf) and catalogs.​


to Pre-Register to bid for the 2018 Sale, (PDF format).

You must provide a legible email address to receive a confirmation of your registration. Submission Deadline for Pre-Registration is 12:00 pm Noon one day prior to auction.

Auction Location:


Featured Parcels of 2 Acres or more & Commercial Property in Newaygo County

Lot 6202

Brooks Twp. - 19-04-200-010 - 10A M/L - SEV: $7,000

Lot 6208

Everett Twp. - 15-08-400-021 - Property Address: 1343 S. WALNUT AVENUE, WHITE CLOUD MI - 10.01 A M/L - SEV: $ 11,500

Lot 6209

Everett Twp. - 15-10-200-003 - Property Address: 3088 E. 8TH STREET, WHITE CLOUD MI - 10A M/L - SEV: $ 18,700

Lot 6212

Garfield Twp. - 18-19-100-003 - Property Address: 4404 W. 72ND STREET, FREMONT MI - 20A M/L - SEV: $ 18,800

Lot 6283

Wilcox Twp. - 11-34-300-008 - Property Address: 2490 E. WASHINGTON STREET, WHITE CLOUD MI - 5.31A M/L - SEV: $ 16,100

Lot 6284

Wilcox Twp. - 11-35-400-019 - Property Address: 108 N. WILLIAMS LANE, WHITE CLOUD MI - 2 A M/L - SEV: $ 11,400

Lot 6288

Village of Hesperia - 09-30-353-009 - Property Address: 134 N. DIVISION STREET, HESPERIA MI - SEV: $ 27,700